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Hotel Bonanza Playa & Spa
Paseo de Illetas s/n
07181 Illetas
Mallorca España

Diving Centre:

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Try Scuba Diving in the Sea during your Hollidays in Mallorca


You would like to experience Scuba Diving?
It´s easy!

We organise trial dives in the sea on a daily basis .
You will go with us on a journey to the world of the fish and experience the sensation of weightlessness under water

After we put together your dive equipment your dive instructor will explain its most important features . You will learn about various hand signals and the safety rules of scuba diving.
During the introduction, divers call it a briefing, your dive instructor will explain the course of the dive and what you should be aware of while you are under water.

You will be discussing among other things following topics:

  • What must I do if  I feel uncomfortable pressure in my ears ?
  • What must I do if water gets into my mask ?
  • Can I  just surface at all times ?
  • How do I know how much air I have got left?

Once all your questions have been answered there is nothing to keep you from your first adventure under water.

Enjoy your dive.

Trial Dive
In the Mediterranean Sea

 price : 75,- €  
early bird price : 65,- €  

For early booking of the program, we offer an early bird discount of 10%, if the full payment is received in our account at least 4 weeks before the start of the course.


Prerequisite certification: non

Course Sequence

  • 1 section in diving theory
  • 1 Confined Water Training 6 m.


  • Training by Padi certified Divemasters
  • Rental diving equipment
  • dive insurance during the program


The trial dive takes all in all about an hour and half to two hours.
There are no set times and dates. Therefore we ask you to make an appointment.

If you then decide to do an Open Water Diver course the fee for the trial dive will be discounted from the course fee.



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Please specify the duration of your stay and the desired course .

Important: When planning, please note that you should not fly for 24 hours after your last dive

After submitting the form you will receive an email with your reservation. This booking is not binding. With a deposit of 10% of the normal price you can definitely book the reservations made. Depending on the time of payment of the balance we grant you an early bird discount of at least 10%.

The reservation is not binding and it is completely free.



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  1. Pre-ordered dive packages / courses are valid only for the individual who booked them and can not be distributed amongst various individuals.
  2. A booked diving course or package is binding only if 10% of the price has been pre-paid, or the course specific materials have been ordered. Without a binding booking there is no entitlement to a place on board.
  3. Early discount is only given if the entire course fee or dive-package is pre-paid at least six weeks before the first dive.
  4. Refunding of an advance payment or a pre-paid course or package can only be granted if the trip can not be taken (e.g. because of sickness or an accident etc.) or the booking is cancelled at least 2 weeks before the first dive. In all other cases a cancellation fee of 10% will be charged. The remaining sum will be transferred to your account within 4 weeks.
  5. Course material that has already been sent to you can not be returned nor can the discount obtained by the purchase be refunded. In this case however there will be no further cancellation fee. The cancelled dive course can be taken under the same conditions after previous arrangement with West Coast Divers at a different time.
  6. If a course cannot be completed on-site due to illness or because one cannot participate in certain dives, we will find individual solutions. The remainder will be calculated on-site and you will receive a refund or a coupon to reclaim our services at a different time.
  7. Diving without a valid diving insurance in Spain is prohibited. If you do not have a diving insurance you can procure insurance through the dive center. Participants of the beginner’s course or the trial dives are automatically insured through the center.
  8. The presentation of a valid dive brevet / certificate is a prerequisite for the participation of dive-activities (excluding beginner’s courses).
  9. Every participant of dive-activities confirms his physical ability to dive and should be able to present a medical certificate not older than two years, to document this (if 40 years or older, then not older than 1 year).
  10. We reserve the right to exclude divers who have deliberately acted grossly against the general safety rules of sport-diving from further participation of dive activities.
  11. West Coast Divers aims to keep to the given excursion plan. Changes due to wind, weather and waves however are our out of our hands. Should excursions not take place and cannot be repeated you will be refunded.
  12. West Coast Divers points out that we keep a database of our clients in which your data is stored. The data is used to provide certain services and to be able to contact our clients. At no time will this data be given to third parties.




Reservation and Information: info@divinginmallorca.com
Telephone-WhatsApp: 0034 664592946

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PADI - Scuba Diving Courses

Get your PADI scuba certification. If you’ve always wanted to learn how to scuba dive, discover new adventures or simply see the wondrous world beneath the waves, this is where it starts.



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